About us

Four Seasons Natura e Cultura is an Italian Tour Operator specialized in walking holidays, cultural tours and wildlife itineraries, since 1993. At Four Seasons Natura e Cultura, we believe that travel is a learning experience. This is why each programme has been developed with the aim of revealing places, people and history in the deepest and most comfortable way.

  • we plan to bring to light the diversity and uniqueness of the world and of Italy’s remotest regions through thematic tours suitable for the most demanding traveller, helping to foster their sense of discovery.
  • whether you travel individually, in small or big group, we are able to organize and reserve all services in Italy (and not only!) and to design the right journey you desire, ranging from classical tours to more specialized ones.
  • our programs are characterized by the high quality of the service we offer, including expert specialist guides and personalised attention in the participant’s language.
  • people travelling with us receive high quality, personalized, flexible service based on their needs and taking into account their desires, available time and budget.




We like walking along mountain paths, through parks and reserves. Surrounded by plants and trees, accompanied by animals, through villages and towns. Discovering unusual itineraries and original, breathing clean air and using our senses to savor every moment of every journey as a unique experience. Vigorous walking in challenging terrain, or casual strolls through gently rolling countryside? Perhaps you only want to wander narrow streets of an ancient city, or embark on an Apennines Brown Bear safari? However you like to walk through Italy (and not only), there’s an option for you!

Responsible Tourism

We have always believed in four simple principles:

  • local communities should benefit of our visit;
  • each destination is first of all the house of someone else;
  • to leave places as we would like to find them;
  • travelling should enrich us emotionally and culturally;