Tour Guides

All our guided tours, the ‘small group adventures’ are led by our own Expert Tour Leaders.

Italy is a big and varied country and this reflects also in the choice of our tour leaders. Wherever possible your tour will be led by somebody from the area. So in Tuscany, you’ll be guided by our Tuscan guides, in Sicily by a Sicilian, and on the Amalfi Coast by our ‘Neapolitan’ guides. As our guides live in the regions you walk, they can facilitate ‘insider access’ every step of the way.

Our Tour Leaders come from a myriad of professional backgrounds. They all have a profound knowledge of the area where they guide our tours. Some are geologists, some are biologists or art historians. They can tell you all the details in their fields, but above all they have the special ‘local knowledge’ about their country, Italy and their region. Including the best ice cream shop or the nicest restaurant in town, Italian soccer & politics…

Also, our Tour Leaders have two other things in common: the ability to ‘connect’ with each and every guest and the desire to facilitate the most unforgettable experience for each guest in their area, time after time.

Their goal is to help provide a fun, safe and unforgettable experience for our guests. All our guides are professionals and adhere to the national association of nature walking guides, the ‘Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche’, AIGAE.