Alps Of Gran Paradiso: a paradise of emotions

Alps Of Gran Paradiso: a paradise of emotions, this wonderful walking adventure touch one of the best walking areas of Italy: the Alps of Gran Paradiso. This trip will offer us the chance to be surrounded by some of the most breathtaking peaks in the world, including the famous Gran Paradiso. Walks here take us through meadows, beech and pine woods, along easy ridges and up to 2600m view-filled summits plain. The Gran Paradiso is a fantastic, little known, and as yet quite as unspoiled Italian National Park. The park was created as a hunting ground for King Vittorio Emanuele and has as a result, for the most part, good quality tracks at very high levels. Here, the mountain villages will combine to produce a truly Italian experience, different from what is commonly believed as “Italian”. Ours is a journey of cultural discovery, too, as we encounter a range of Italy’s alpine enclaves and traditional cuisines. Follow us on Facebook!



  • See the idyllic lake of Ceresole
  • Possibility of spotting wild ibex and chamois, plus other wildlife disappeared in most of Europe
  • Famous traditional Alpine cooking
  • The oldest National Park in Italy created 1922
  • The King’s path, a hunting trail built in the 1800 for the former royal pleasure of hunting
  • Cheese tasting
  • Alpine environment with high rocky peaks with about 2000 species of flowering plants


  • Traditional fresh pasta: Fettuccine
  • Wines and liqueurs: Valle D’Aosta Müller Thurgau, Valle d’Aosta Arnad-Montjovet, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Genepy
  • Fontina Dop cheese, Boudin, Mocetta, Mecoulin

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Drive to Ceresole Reale, mountain village at 1570 mts (5150 feet) above sea level, located on a side of an alpine lake; we stop at Pont Canavese for lunch (not included), relaxing time and introduction to the area and the program. Nice stroll around the lake.


Today we climb with our van at 2400 mts (8000 feet), in a superb Alpine environment . Walk on the superb alpine plateau, looking for chamois and wild goat, golden eagles and marmots, surrounded by the highest peaks, at 3600 mts (12000 feet) and more. Blue small alpine lakes, high waterfalls and crystalline rivers everywhere. Return to Ceresole for overnight.

10km, 350m total ascent

Day 3 – ALPS: ALONG GTA (Great Alps Trek) TO NOASCA

Along an ancient track, today we walk across magnificent meadows and woodlands, down to a great valley, full of old abandoned mountain villages, where the school, with desks, blackboard and chairs can still be visible. Return to Ceresole for overnight.

14kms, 600m total ascent

Day 4 – FREE DAY

Visit to the castle of Aglie’ and the beautiful gardens.


Up, up and still up… to join one of the best plateau originated by the melting of a giant glacier, not too long ago.. stop and lunch beside a mountain refuge, near wonderful alpine lake, among high peaks and superb views everywhere. Return to Ceresole for overnight.

13kms, 650m total ascent


An easy, relaxing day to visit small and pretty alpine lakes, along the Royal Path, built excavating the hard granite in 1860, to provide an easy access to the king in order to hunt easily for chamois’s and wild goats as well as lynx and wolves. Coming back, we can assist to the old, traditional way of making mountain cheese; those that wish can also buy some of this exquisite delicacy! Return to Ceresole for overnight.

9kms, 500m total ascent


Today we will walk along the beautiful and panoramic trail on the mountains over Ceresole to reach the Lakes Bellagarda, along an ancient way excavated just on the edge of the cliff. Panoramic view all along the way.

10km, 350m total ascent

Day 8 – CERESOLE – Departure day

After an early breakfast we transfer to the airport – end of services.