Roman Castles wine and food delight

Roman Castles wine and food delight, located just 20 minutes South-East of Rome. This exclusive tour immerses you in the authentic rustic cuisine, local DOC wines, culture and history found in the verdant, rolling hills of the beautiful Castelli Romani. While here, you’ll experience the warm Italian hospitality, the lively atmosphere of local trattorias, and the refined ambience of the finest restaurants of the area. You’ll also visit local historic sites of great relevance and interest and savor a gastronomic and cultural legacy developed over untold generations.

Our Castelli Romani tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy the rich and diverse flavors of the cuisine of the Roman countryside. A cuisine based on the fresh vegetables, grains and meats produced from the fertile soil of this volcanic range. All this paired with local DOC wines and virgin olive oils from the vineyards and olive groves of the area. There will be plenty of homemade wines on hand during our time, along with olive oil, homemade liqueurs and fruit conserves. You’ll also enjoy the lively atmosphere of lunch at a local “fraschetta”, outside the walls of the Chigi Villa in Ariccia, where Romans flock on a Sunday. Follow us on Facebook!

Authentic and memorable, you’ll experience the Castelli Romani as the Romans do..



  • Walks among famous vineyards of Frascati wine
  • Typical Roman food
  • Visit to a pizza maker
  • Visit of wine cellars
  • Wine tasting of Frascati
  • Visit to famous villas, abbey, and the so called Castelli Romani (Roman Castles)
  • Visit of the ancient roman city of Tuscolo


  • Traditional fresh pasta: Gnocchi alla romana, Bucatini, Tagliatelle ai carciofi, Pappardelle
  • Wines and liqueurs: Frascati Superiore, Vini DOC Colli Etruschi Viterbesi
  • Eggplants, courgettes, olives and artichokes preserved in olive oil

Additional information

IMPORTANT NOTEThe schedule might be subject to change; Depending on your needs and your requests, we can provide you individual services (accomodation, land service, guide service, single tours and activities) or a full package tour;
PriceUpon request
AvailabilityJanuary, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December
What is included1 cooking demonstration, 2 cooking class (1 for pizza) with lunch included, 3 lunches (2 in fraschetta with finger food, 1 in trattoria), 3 wine tasting or visit to wine cellar with degustation, 6 dinners, wine&beverages included, 7 continental morning breakfast, 7 nights in Frascati Hotel 3***
What is not included– All not expressed in the “What is included”, − Personal Expenses

DAY 1 – ROME. Arrival day.

Group assemble in Rome, Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino airport – meeting with the guide and departure to the hills. We settle in the picturesque village of Frascati, welcome dinner at a prominent restaurant. Dinner in a Slow Food restaurant in Frascati – Trattoria Zarazà. Accommodation in hotel and dinner in restaurant.


COOKING: today we move to San Cesareo where we will meet Sor’Anna, in the typical Osteria San Cesareo, the internationally acclaimed chef Anna Dente, locally known as “the queen of the amatriciana”: here she will reveal the secrets of several, authentic roman recipes with some demonstration of her most famous dishes. At the conclusion of this, you’ll enjoy the authentic dishes you’ve seen with Anna in her osteria. After lunch, we will move to Palestrina, a bustling town literally built on the ruins of a massive ancient Roman temple overlooking the fertile valley below. Dinner in hotel. Breakfast in hotel, lunch in trattoria, dinner in restaurant. 1 cooking demo

Indications for other activities:

WALKING: Frascati – Tuscolo – Monte Porzio Catone (10km, 360mt ascent, 4h)

PAINTING: Frascati views and streets


In the morning we will explore the town of Frascati, and we will do some shopping in the meat department of the market square. Then we will set up a lunch in a typical “fraschetta” with the local stuff bought at the market. Later we’ll head to the town of Castel Gandolfo for a stroll in the village and a wine tasting in a cantina which boasts 3000 labels. Dinner will follow in a beautiful atmosphere overlooking the lake Albano in a nice restaurant. Breakfast in hotel, lunch in fraschetta with finger food, dinner in restaurant. 1 wine tasting

Indications for other activities:

WALKING: Genzano – Nemi lake (9km, 400mt ascent, 4h)

PAINTING: Castel Gandolfo views over the lake


After breakfast we’ll move to the picturesque town of Nemi, overlooking the lake of the same name. From town, we’ll descend into the crater to the vineyard of Maria and Carlo by the edge of the lake, where our cooking class will take place. Maria owned a trattoria in the area for more than 20 years and is very skilled in the art of roman cuisine. She will teach you her specialties while you soak up the atmosphere of the beautiful, rustic setting. After lunch we’ll visit the famous and partially restored Temple of Diana, close by and also at lake’s edge. Dinner in a typical trattoria in Monte Porzio Catone. Breakfast in hotel, lunch during cooking class, dinner in trattoria. 1 cooking class

Indications for other activities:

WALKING: Rocca di Papa- Campi di Annibale – Rocca di Papa (11km, 400mt ascent, 5h)

PAINTING: Nemi, the village and the small lake

Day 5 – FREE DAY

The free day is an opportunity for a visit to historic Frascati, where the shops are brimming with local specialties. As alternatives, the very convenient train can be taken for a full-day or half-day excursion to Rome. Or… Simply enjoy a relaxing day in the area! Breakfast in hotel, lunch and dinner free


In the morning we will go to a special place renowned for the pizza; here we will find out everything about how to make the perfect pizza and the typical roman appetizers such as fiori di zucca, supplì, crocchetta. Under the guide of the chefs we will make our own pizza and appetizers.

In the afternoon, we will visit the beautiful town of Montecompatri and we will pay a visit in a typical wine cellar. For dinner, we will head back to the same place we made our pizza, for a dinner based on typical roman food. Breakfast in hotel, lunch during pizza cooking class, dinner in restaurant. 1 cooking class/pizza day, 1 wine tasting

Indications for other activities:

WALKING: Rocca di Papa- Campi di Annibale – Rocca di Papa (11km, 400mt ascent, 5h)

PAINTING: Monte Porzio Catone – views over Rome and the old village


Today we’ll head to Ariccia to lunch outside the Chigi Villa, after a short walking tour of the town. The villa was designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and a tour can be arranged on request. Today you’ll experience a Roman Sunday tradition – lunch at a fraschetta. You’ll savour a wide variety of antipasti, including the famous porchetta, followed by pasta and meat dishes. Porchetta is slow-cooked, oven roasted and seasoned pork. This aromatic dish is allowed to cool to room temperature, then eaten with the famous DOC bread of Genzano. Experiencing a fraschetta will be a memorable dining experience. In the evening we will enjoy a farewell dinner with our friend and fabulous cook, at Ristorante Capodarco, in a place among the vineyards outside the town of Grottaferrata. The chef will prepare dishes passed down by generations and recreated in his own distinct style. You won’t want to miss out on this! Breakfast in hotel, lunch in fraschetta with finger food, dinner in restaurant or hotel

Indications for other activities:

WALKING OPTIONS: Lake Albano (10km, 100mt ascent, 4h)

PAINTING: Ariccia, Genzano – views over the old village


After breakfast we transfer to Rome Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport – end of services. Breakfast in hotel.

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