Finland: Karhunkierros, the bear trail

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FINLAND Karhunkierros, the bear trail

The Karhunkierros: the location for this wilderness adventure couldn’t be better. Located just beneath the Arctic Circle and a stone’s throw away from the Russian border adds something to the mysterious atmosphere of the Kuusamo region. The forests and lakes of the Taiga in Finland are one of Europe’s last great wilderness areas. The Taiga is home to a variety of wild life including Wolf, Lynx, Bear, Wolverine, Pine Marten, Elk and Reindeer. Fascinating bird life can also be discovered too, including Goshawk, Crossbill, Capercaillie and Black Grouse. The essence of this special adventure is all about having fun whilst exploring on foot this vast wilderness area. Daily walking distances are reasonably modest as you walk through tall, dense forests, undulating low and broad ridges and by countless lakes in the company of an expert guide.

Along the way, you’ll stop off for picnic lunches at specially created log shelters where an open fire can be quickly be prepared to brew some hot, fresh coffee and grill sausages….wild heaven! All evenings are in hotels, but the real fun will be spent in atmospheric saunas to enjoy before a dip in the lake! Of course being so far north, there is the added bonus of experiencing the mystical midnight sun. For those who really want to “get away from it all” and experience a wilderness adventure at the very edge of Europe, this trip is hard to beat. Follow us on Facebook!



  • Treks on the border with Russia
  • Walking on the “Bear Ring”
  • Saunas “Finnish Style”
  • The wilderness of the Taiga Forests and Lakes


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