Portugal: Madeira, welcome to paradise

Officially discovered by Portuguese navigators in 1419. The archipelago of Madeira is situated in the north Atlantic, some 437 miles away from the coast of Africa. Funchal, the biggest center, is a pleasant city rich of history and tradition. The mild climate allow the entire island to grow a rich and luxuriant vegetation. This make of Madeira a unique exquisite island with its strongly contrasting colors, its ravines and streams, its ,mountain and sea. Here you can still feel the taste of the “good old times”.

The people seem to be molded by the land itself: austere like the mountain, sweet and warm like its famous wine. We invite you to discover this little jewel, following the winding course of the “levadas” (irrigation channels built in the early days of the colonization of the island), wandering in the valleys, hills, mountains, waterfall and enjoy a rich and wide history. Impossible to forget, you will be longing to visit it again and again. Follow us on Facebook!


• Visit to Monte, the Palace botanical Garden
• Visit to the Church of Nossa Senhora do Monte
• Visit to the magnificent peak of Pico Aireiro
• Famous Madeira wine tasting
• Cheese, Olive oil & Wine tasting
• Walking through levadas
• Opportunity to visit Funchal

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DAY 1: Funchal– welcome to paradise!

Drive to Funchal and the Pousada XX. Situated on the South coast of Madeira Island, this is one of the most charming and picturesque area, also famous for its historical old town. The rest of the day is free to relax.

DAY 2: walk on the Levadas: Ribeiro Frio to Portela along Levada Furada PR10

Walking along the fast flowing levada from Ribeiro Frio, you will marvel at the display of light and shade filtering though the laurel and heat trees. Beyond the window tunnels lies a precipice where the narrow levada is carved out of the mountainside. The scenery changes to a mixture of sunny pastures, eucalyptus, cypress and mimosa forest as we descend to our destination.

Ascent 150m, Descent 300m, 14,5kms, 5:30 hours

DAY 3: walk on the Levadas: Picos da Pedras – Queimadas-Caldeirao Verde

Think of an emerald green paradise. Today we walk to one of the most remote part of the island. Spectacular views of the villages, incredible views of the peaks until we reach the majestic waterfall of Caldeirao Verde from where we return to Queimadas.

Ascent 100m, 16.5kms, 6 hours


Possibility of visiting Monte, to visit the famous tropical garden, the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Monte, and Camacha, to admire the ancient tecniques of basket making.

DAY 5: Achada da Teixera to Pico Ruivo; Ponta de Sao Lourenco

Two walks today. Initially, we will walk along the Ponta de Sao Lourenço, the eastern point of the islandwith wonderful views all around till the Islas Desertas.

Ascent 300m, 6,5kms, 3 hours

The second walk will give us a different perspective of the beauty of the island. The rock formation shoot into the sky like timeless statues. From Achada da Texeira we proceed on to Pico Ruivo, the highest peak on the island, with breathtaking views.

Ascent 250m, 6kms, 2:30 hours

DAY 6: Porto Moniz, Levada da Ribeira da Janela

Today we leave for a panoramic, spectacular, scenographic drive to the Northest point of the Island. Here we will follow the spectacular Levada with waterfallas and long tunnels. Back to Porto Moniz, which is also a natural Spa, we can also enjoy a warm bath in the volcanic pools or strolling around the beautiful mountainside and coastline.

Ascent 100m, 13kms, 4:30 hours

DAY 7: Rabacal – Risco – 25 fontes – Vermelha

The valley of Rabacal is one of nature’s greatest exultation. Descending from the plateau of Paul da Serra, we arrive at the XX Pousada from where we walk to the waterfall at Risco, before reaching the levada at 25 Fontes. After a while, we reach a small lake at the bottom of a cliff, which towers above us. From the cliff face, 25 natural springs cascade into the small lake.

Ascent 400m, 13kms, 5 hours

Drive to airport.