Unconventional Sardinia experience

Unconventional Sardinia experience, a pleasant breeze on your face, the rustling wings of some bird of prey, the scrunching of your shoes on the ground: all the rest is silence. Sardinia is a land of immense space, full of pathways running alongside ancient stone walls and surrounded by wild vegetation. You can lose yourself among the flowering gorse bushes and the luxuriant green of the pastures, and the rocky cliffs that plunge into the sea. Beaches that you have only dreamt about. Magical places, ideal in spring and autumn, where man made works have known how to fit in marvelously with nature. Follow us on Facebook!




  • Visits to Nuragi, pre-historic construction
  • Visit to the magnificent Sardinian coast
  • Visits to the Castle of Malaspina in Bosa
  • Famous cuisine of Sardinia
  • Cheese & Wine tasting
  • Opportunity to visit Alghero, home of the Italic/Catalan culture


  • Traditional fresh pasta: Mallorèddus, Culurgiones, 
  • Wines and liqueurs: Cannonau, Girò, Cagnulari, Mirto, Villacidro murgia 
  • Pecorino, Cazu frazigu, olive oil, bread carasau

Additional information

IMPORTANT NOTEThe schedule might be subject to change; Depending on your needs and your requests, we can provide you individual services (accomodation, land service, guide service, single tours and activities) or a full package tour;
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AvailabilityJanuary, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December

Day 1 – BOSA

Arrival in Bosa; relax before introductory talk and dinner.


A tour of the country churches built along the banks of the Temo river. Upon leaving the hotel we’ll walk up the cobbled streets of the antique medieval town of Bosa. After a visit to the Serravalle Castle, we’ll make our way through the country staying close to the banks of the river, near which many very old churches can be found. S Pietro extramuros cathedral which dates back to 1062 ad, is considered to be the oldest roman church in Sardinia is one of these.

14kms, ascent 200m with 1km of tarmac road


In this really wild landscape where the last colony of the Griffon vulture lives, we are up against an exciting descent towards the sea. We’ll use tracks that flocks of sheep use during the period of transhumance, when they move from summer to winter pastures. Having passed the sheep farm belonging to the family Porcu, which dominates all of Cape Marrargiu, we continue our way down to Cala Ittiri beach.

14kms, ascent 350m


Today our walk starts with a captivating climb to Monte Furru. From here it’s possible to see the estuary of the Temo river and the beautiful surrounding coast. The itinerary continues through cultivated malvasia grape vineyards, where the local owners will guide us and allow us to taste Malvasia Bosa doc from their cellars. The day ends in the small town of Porto Alabe nestling on the sea.

12kms, ascent250m

Day 5 – FREE DAY Opportunities:

VISIT BOSA – You can take the free day to visit Bosa, its Castle (castello dei Malaspina), its medieval alleys. The medieval part of the town established since 1112 around Malaspina Castle, a military fortress, whose wall, the tower and the Barbican are still in good conditions. Inside the ancient wall there is the small church of Regnos Altos with its marvelous frescos from the Tuscan school. “Sa Costa” is the old quarter and it represents one of the best kept city centre in Sardinia. Along its small streets and lanes you can feel the ancient atmosphere.

In Bosa you can also take the chance to travel on old ferries: you can enjoy charming trips on the river Temo.

VISIT ALGHERO (TRANSFER) – Alghero, connected to Bosa with a frequent public bus, is an interestingly varied town with a historic core, green outskirts where our properties are situated, a sweep of easily reached sandy beaches. Walk around the fortified walls, with the sea breaking on the rocks at your feet and admire the great defensive towers. Turn into the tangle of cobbled lanes to visit the Duomo (cathedral) and other public buildings, most of which clearly display Catalan influences, as do many of the street names. When you have done your dutiful sightseeing, find a small restaurant or pizzeria and afterwards go shopping, window or real, in one of the many small but generally chic boutiques. The serious fishing activity has its centre in the harbour just to the north of the walls.


MORE INFO ON http://www.treninoverde.com/Macomer%20Bosa.html


Our excursion in moufflon (wild goat) territory starts with an easy walk along a forest rangers’ trail, but gets tougher in the final stretch as we reach the area where the majority of moufflons live. We set off from an altitude of 1000 meters: a cool start in the summer; a snowy and evocative landscape in the winter. During the excursion we’ll see moufflons, ravens and eagles and sometimes even vultures in the distance. Along the way we will stop in Monte Entu, to view the Gulf of Oristano, the Sinis Peninsula and possibly the east coast of Sardinia; our lunch break will be near a fresh water spring in a oak forest; an abandoned feeding ground for vultures.

11kms, ascent 300m

Day 7 – MONTE MINERVA (alt. 644m)

A transfer will take us to the turn off where today’s journey will start. Along a charming track which runs 200 metres above the sea we’ll reach the interesting Nuragic site of Nuraghe Appiu. Beside pastures, cork and oak forests we’ll arrive at a hotel sunk in the immense green oasis of Monte Minerva where we can relax after the long walk of today.

18kms, ascent 600m


We depart for the airport after an early breakfast.